Seasonal Kitchari Cleanse

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Try our seasonal Kitchari Cleanse to kickstart your Ayurvedic lifestyle!

Unlike juice cleanses or fasts, you won't be depriving yourself of food during this experience. You'll be eating real food throughout this program, primarily kitchari.

This reset will help to establish healthy routines, improve digestion and support your immune system. Even if you regularly eat healthy, toxins still build up over time and prevent your body from properly digesting food and absorbing nutrients.

A gentle detox every season restores the body to a balanced state, and prevents dis-ease & chronic illness from developing.

So what is Kitchari? Sanskrit for "mixture", this traditional Indian dish is a mix of bean, grain & spices. Our version includes mung dal (similar to lentils) & quinoa, with our signature Kitchari Spice. The combination forms a perfect plant-based protein that's easy to digest while the spices support a gentle detox. This savory stew-like dish becomes the primary meal eaten for 3-5 days, with options to add variations like greens, steamed vegetables & herbs. (shopping list provided)

During this ~2 week process, you'll also commit to daily routines to reset your circadian clock. By following this ancient approach of using food as medicine, you'll learn how to listen intuitively to your body's needs.


This program supports you through 3 phases:

PREPARE (5 days) - reduce/eliminate caffeine & inflammatory foods, begin your Ayurvedic routines

CLEANSE (3 or 5 days) - commit to Ayurvedic routines, eat primarily kitchari (with optional variations)

TRANSITION (5 days) - eat simply & slowly reintroduce a more complex diet 

This is a self-guided experience. You'll receive a digital dashboard with everything you need to support you through the program. 

The Kitchari Cleanse includes:

  • Kitchari Meal Packets (3 servings per day for 3 or 5 days) - simply bring water to a boil, stir in ingredients & let simmer 

  • Golden Turmeric jar to make Golden Mylk at home

  • Dosha Tea - Ayurvedic detox tea
  • Detox tools

    • tongue scraper

    • Triphala for the week

  • Seasonal Kitchari Cleanse eBook includes:

    • Introduction to Ayurveda basics
    • How & Why to successfully complete the Kitchari Cleanse
    • How to Make Kitchari & choose what variations are best for you
    • How to Transition from the Cleanse & maximize benefits
  • Printable Habit Tracker for your daily routines 

  • “Know Your Dosha” Quiz to determine your dosha (unique mind-body type)



  • if you're ready to adjust your daily routines to help your body function at it's best

  • if you're willing to live caffeine free for ~1 week

  • if you're curious to learn more about Ayurveda

  • if you know your digestion is off (bloating, constipation, etc), and desire a reset to get back on track



  • if you're looking for any kind of quick fix for your digestion or other physical ailments

  • if you are unwilling to live caffeine free for ~1 week

  • if your desired outcome is weight loss

  • if you are pregnant or are expect to be menstruating during this time



  • improved digestion

  • increased energy

  • immunity boost

  • reduced inflammation

  • gentle detoxification

  • mental clarity


When you purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email, then to follow:

  • Email with link to digital dashboard with resources

  • Kitchari Cleanse Kit shipped (~$10) or select free local pickup