Kitchari Spice

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Kitchari Spice is a savory blend of spices used to promote healthy digestion, support gentle detox & boost immunity. The traditional Ayurvedic dish of Kitchari hails from India and combines a grain, a bean with gut-supportive spaces. The typical combination includes mung bean, mung dal or lentils with basmati rice, but you can also use quinoa!

This dish is a staple in the healing-through-food approach of Ayurveda because it’s nutrient dense, easy to digest, and supports healthy detox. Kitchari is especially supportive for post-partum mothers to support the healing & recovery process. 

This flavorful spice blend can be used to make traditional kitchari, but is also delicious on roasted vegetables, stir-fry, lentil dahl, soup, or even popcorn! Use it like you would curry spice for a unique flavor boost.

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Himalayan pink salt
Diaspora Co Turmeric 
Black pepper
Ceylon Cinnamon


2-4 cups water
1 cup quinoa or rice
1 cup mung bean or lentils
2 Tbsp Kitchari Spice
2-3 Tbsp coconut oil or ghee
1 Tbsp ginger (optional)
1 cup vegetables (optional)

Rinse grain & soak mung beans overnight. Drain.

Heat coconut oil or ghee in a saucepan. Add spice, quinoa & mung beans and stir to coat. Add 2-4 cups of water & bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and cook 30-45 min. Add vegetables after 20 minutes, remove cover and cook until tender. Remove from heat, stir in coconut oil & garnish with fresh herbs.

Diaspora Co. is THE gold standard when it comes to turmeric.
Their mission is to build a better spice trade, equitably and deliciously.
They do this by sourcing India's freshest, heirloom, and single-origin spices, directly from their partner farms.

We're proud to source their single origin, direct trade, and sustainably farmed turmeric grown in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Made with 100% heirloom seeds this Pragati Turmeric Powder is high in curcumin, which is a potent anti-inflammatory. The flavor is fresh yet earthy, and holds double the potency in taste and smell than other turmeric on the market (5.2% curcumin content).


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